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Card Payment Transaction Switching


Card Issuance


ATM and POS Management


Gateway to Other Domestic Network and International Processors


Payment Gateway to eCommerce and Mobile Commerce Channel.


SMARTQR (QRC Transaction Switching)


EMVCo Standard Static and Dynamic QRC Generation


Inter-Network and Intra-Network Settlement

QR Code Payment Platform

Smart QR is the first QR Switching Platform that connects IME Pay, PrabhuPay, QPay and Banks in the interoperable network to facilitate the digital payments and mobile payments. Smart QR Network is setup as digital payment processor that seamlessly connects consumers, banks, wallet users and merchants in an interoperable digital payment ecosystem.

Make your Payment Easier with SCT nPay

SCT nPay was formed in 2014 with the vision to provide seamless payment acceptance method in Nepal. Though the world has tilted upside down by the technological advancement in financial sector, Nepal is still far behind and has got much ground to cover. Our Founders saw a need and opportunity to introduce a payment gateway that stood out and provided various banking services from one portal.