SmartBanking, is an innovative omni-channel banking solution introduced by SCT that is built to provide a banking experience second to none for our own Nepalese consumers. It helps banks and financial institutions eliminate the silos from the digital banking experience and essentially cover all channels for banking sectors from one single platform.

With seamless user experience tailored individually for BFIs to cover banking services for their customers through mobile apps, web and branch experiences, SmartBanking has helped them extend beyond the traditional single channel banking modes and delivers seamless customer experience whether they are banking from a mobile device, a laptop or a physical brick and mortar branch.
Many banks have already started the digital transformation from traditional in-branch, single channel banking – to banking across channels, with the introduction of apps, phone, and websites. But the challenge now, is that they often lack a link between the channels. SmartBanking links these multiple banking channels and helps closing the online/offline banking divide, improving customer experience, and attracting new ones with a digital first approach – while at the same time reducing operational costs.

SmartBanking features a single sign-on that allows customers to use the same login credentials irrespective of the channels used. The use of the native mobile app adds to speed, reliability, and better user interface leading to customer satisfaction.

Key Features in SmartBanking

  • Fund Transfers
  • Bill Payments
  • Load to Wallets
  • QR Withdrawal
  • Online Account Opening
  • Online Fixed Deposit
  • Loan against Fixed Deposit
  • SMS/Email Notifications & Alerts
  • Dynamic RCCD
  • Flexible Rights Management
  • Admin Management
  • Customer Management
  • Flexible Menu Control
  • Reconciliation
  • Multiple Product Architecture
  • Interoperable QR Integration